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U is for... UNVEILING

Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me
Welcome to week TWENTY-ONE of my dear, dear friend Patty Wysong's From  A 2 Z 4 U and me. We're working through the alphabet - one letter each Tuesday. No rules, other than your post has to relate to the letter of the week. Link up at Ordinary Lives and check out everyone else's post. Click on the graphic above for more details, and stop by Patty's blog  to link up.
Unveiling what, you ask?? Well, if you're reading my blog on a reader (Hi, Marc!) or through email, perhaps you have no idea. But if you're actually at my site, you may have a BIT more of an idea.

Welcome to my BLOG MAKEOVER! Dontcha love it? I know I do.

I've been itching for a new look for several months now. In and of itself, that's surprising, because I'm a routine kinda gal. Not much for change. But for whatever reason, I was getting bored with my old header (which I made myself, thankyouverymuch) and colors. And I wanted to incorporate my tagline"Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength" into the theme. But blog design is NOT my talent.

So, I turned to my near and dear Patty Wysong, who knows my brain as well as anyone I know (we share it, after all LOL), and gave her a bit of a project. And though I definitely was challenging, she came through with FLYING colors. And she was even willing to put it up for me to correspond with my u post (cuz I'm anal that way).

I LOVE the header. And the colors. AND the dividers. AND my drop-down navbar (REEAALLLLYYY love that!!). I'm so very pleased with how it looks.

And here's my button. Grab it if you'd like (code's on my sidebar)!

Joanne Sher. Traveling rough roads with God’s strength. An Open Book.

So, if you're not here, pop over and give it a look. And, of course, lemme know what you think. (and in case you don't know, Patty doesn't just design for me. If YOU're looking for a new look on your blog, pop over here and check out her designs and classes. Beautiful, and super reasonable!)

So, that's U :) Can you believe we've only got five more letters? Be sure to pop BACK over to Peej's blog for the other a2z posts.

Traveling Rough Roads With God's Strength


  1. i LOVE your new look! It's inviting and inspiring and so you! The unveiling is fabUlous! CongratUlations!

  2. Jo, this is beautiful! Of course I love purple, but still . . . Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful site, love me some purple!

  4. It's as bubbly and colorful as you are- love it!

  5. I really like this new design! Congrats on the unveiling. :-)

  6. Also, I would love to learn how to set up the drop down tabs on the navigation bar. :-)

  7. =] Glad you like it, JoDear. Your birthday prezzie that's only two months late. *yikes* I was so glad you chose this background--it's one of my faves. ;-)

    Love you!

  8. It's beautiful! I love all the features! Wonderful!

  9. LOVE the look! I need to start working on my own site!

  10. Love the new look, Jo!!
    First thing I noticed was
    your name looks like
    candy. Smile. Beautiful


  11. It's wonderful! Love it!


    I love it!

  13. I LOVE the new look, Jo! It's beautiful! And what a great quote by Helen Keller---perfect for your lovely new site! :-)

  14. It's looks great, Jo! Wonderful job, Peej!

  15. Beautimous! Like the author! : )


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