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If I Could Only Read Ten Blogs...

Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me
Welcome to week EIGHTEEN of my dear, dear friend Patty Wysong's From  A 2 Z 4 U and me. We're working through the alphabet - one letter each Tuesday. No rules, other than your post has to relate to the letter of the week. Link up at Ordinary Lives and check out everyone else's post. Click on the graphic above for more details, and stop by Patty's blog on Tuesday or later to link up.
Most of you know I follow close to 100 blogs (just FYI, several of these don't post even once a week - but still!) and try to read most, if not all, of the posts. I don't always succeed, but generally, I at least scan them all. Why? Because it blesses me. And because I get to pick favorites for YOU and share them on Finds for Fridays. And it may (or may not) take nearly as long as you might thing. (For some tips on google reader, the tool I use to read the blogs, check out this post by my buddy Patty Wysong.)

But I know I'm unique, and many of you aren't able to make it through a long list of blogs on a regular basis. So maybe you need an abbreviated list. So, with fear and trepidation, I'm going to try to do just that.

So, if I COULD only read ten blogs, here's my list (which was very, VERY hard to put together):

Craft blogs:
The Writers Alley - This is a group blog, with ten up-and-coming Christian authors. They write about technique, tips, and all sorts of things you need to be a better writer. And it's an EASY and often fun read.
Seekerville - Another group blog - with fifteen published Christian romance authors. They have TONS of giveaways, guest posts, and amazing, amazing insight into the publishing world. And they're FUNNY. And don't miss the comments - part of the fun!
Books & Such Literary - I follow several agent/agency blogs, but this one is probably my favorite. Their posts are in-depth, themed, and very helpful.
Writing Roseanna - I've become a big fan of author Roseanna White, and though I ADORE her books, her blog is a big reason. She's personable and has a way of bringing us into the writing world. She talks about latest reads, interesting words, historical eras, etc. Great stuff.

(oh, and I need to mention that there's one blog that I didn't put on this "Craft blog" list that you all should read. And that's the FaithWriters blog. The only reason it's not on here is...well, I write it. So why do I need to read it if I WRITE it? LOL so YOU read it, K?)

Devotional/Encouragement Blogs
Jewels of Encouragement - A bunch of amazing women (FaithWriters all!) sharing their hearts and love of the Lord, and the lessons they've learned. I'm blessed EVERY day.
Internet Cafe Devotions - Another bunch of amazing women sharing how God works in their lives daily - and some bonus "practical" posts on other things.
Ordinary Lives - And NOT just because the blogger and I share a brain. Patty's devotionals always speak to me, plus her a2z meme, as well as her series  "Reading to Write Right" and "Blog Tips and Tricks" help me in countless ways. NOT just a devotional blog.
Peace for the Journey - Elaine has an amazing heart for God, a passion for His Word, and an honesty you won't find most anywhere else. It has been amazing to read along on her journey. If you join with me, you will also be blessed.

Miscellaneous - "just for fun" blogs
One Hundred Words - The amazing Jan Ackerson has created this extremely unique blog, where she tells a story, develops a character, or does something else amazing - in 100 words. No more. No less. And it's always fascinating and often fun/funny. (And it doesn't take long to read!)
Connecting Now -Lisa and Maddie Mikitarian giving out quirky, fun, silly, and crazy advice to just about anyone willing to write in. Almost always get a laugh there - or some food for thought. Just what I need after reading those craft and devotional blogs. And DON'T miss the comments - tons of fun there too!

So, there they are! My Blog reading recommendations for you. (This really WAS painful. And there is NO WAY I'm going to stick to just these 10 blogs. I'm addicted! :) )

Pop on over to Peejers' blog for more R posts - and write one up yourself!

Riding God's Grace Over Rough Roads


  1. LoL--I loved your list, JoDear. Getting you down to 10 is amazing...but then again, keeping up with 100 blogs totally blows my mind!! T.O.T.A.L.L.Y.


  2. I will check out some of these blogs that I've yet to visit. You are amazing! :)

  3. You amaze me with all the reading you do...and still have time to write and edit! God has certainly gifted you with encouragement to share with others. Love you!!!

  4. Wow. I don't know how you can keep up with so many blogs. If I tried to read that many regularly that's all I'd do--but you do so much more. My hat's off to you! :-)

  5. How interesting!! So fun to see what others are reading. Great "R" post, Joanne!

  6. Fantastic list, Jo! Some of my favorites are among them. I love starting my morning read a few blog posts, it encourages and inspires my day.

  7. Excellent list! I can't keep up with that many blogs.

  8. I am SO impressed that you could narrow it down to 10! I have far too many on my Google reader list, but I can't give any of them up!
    You, my dear, are a HUGE BLESSING to the blogosphere!
    : )

  9. Wow, reading these meme participants, Jan's, and often Lisa's and JoE is about all I can keep up with, though I read a few others from time to time. Thanks for the list! There are a couple ones there that are new to me.

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