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Finds for Fridays: September 23

In case you missed it, here's a post on my blog reading recommendations - the ten blogs I'd read if I could only read that many.

Finds for Fridays is my way of sharing some of the wonderful blogs posts I read each week. I am currently following close to 100 blogs and at least scan them as much as I can.  Each week, I'll note and "set aside" some posts that especially speak to me for whatever reason. And each Friday that I am able, I'll share them with you. I hope you'll stop by and read the posts, and maybe even follow the blogs if you aren't already. A win-win, right?

And here they are!

STRONG...(the Word of God Has Spoken) by Elaine Olsen at Peace for the Journey (about the power of His Word)

Why Do Your Characters Do What They Do by Scott Eagan at Babbles from Scott Eagan (about character motivation - and the danger of too much of it)

Does Your MC Get The Best Lines? By Jeannie Campbell at The Character Therapist (about not coddling your main character)

5 Reasons to Celebrate: Real Life Isn't Digital by Mary Keeley at Books and Such Literary (about the real world - a post I NEEDED)

Hope you enjoy these posts - and exploring the ten blogs I listed in my above post. See you next week!

Riding God's Grace Over Rough Roads

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