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You MAY have noticed that I'm posting MY M post on MONDAY instead of Tuesday. You MIGHT think it was a MISTAKE. But it wasn't. I MEANT to do it. Because, here at MY blog, M stands for MY MARVELOUS MAN, MARC. And today is his birthday.

MARC is God's gift to ME. We've been MARRIED for just over 17 years, and I love him MORE each day. We are definitely a God MATCH. We truly balance each other out. I'm an optimist - he's a realist (though if it weren't his birthday, I MIGHT use the "p" word instead LOL). I'm a feeler - he's a thinker. Our childhood backgrounds are freakishly similar - both born the same year in the same MONTH, both lost our MOMS as kids, both our dads remarried women with two sons, both raised Jewih...need I go on?

He helps ME stay focused and on the right track. He is so very smart. He is, without a doubt, a MARVELOUS father - he just loves MONKEYING around with the kids. He certainly knows how to snap ME out of a bad MOOD. He loves ME way MORE than I deserve, and takes care of ME as MUCH as he is able. He is extremely compassionate, loving, and fun. And I'd gladly MARRY him all over again.

Has his life been easy? Absolutely not. He has MANY health issues that have made life difficult for him, especially over the past eight years or so. But MY MARVELOUS MAN, MARC has persevered, with the help of our Lord and those who have loved and come alongside us in the name of Him.

I love you, MARC. I can't possibly MENTION every way that you have improved MY life, and everything you MEAN to ME.

I love you, MARC. Happy Birthday!

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Riding God's Grace Over Rough Roads


  1. Aw...happy birthday to Marc!

    P.S. It was great seeing you again this weekend, Jo. Thanks for sharing your story again on the drive home. :-)

  2. Happy birthday, Marc! What a wonderful love story!
    Have a marvelous and fun filled day!

  3. Thanks, folks - and thank YOU, Lynda, for not holding my computer hostage ;)

    He's a MARVELOUS MAN :)

  4. How fun that the timing for this week worked perfectly for you to honor your man! I'm quite sure he is as blessed by you as you are by him! What a sweet couple!

  5. Awww, you two are soooo cute! Happy birthday to that sweet man!

  6. Happy birthday, Marc! (sorry I missed it yday--I was deep in my cave. LoL)

    It was great meeting Marc last week! After years of knowing eachother, meeting your other half was fun, JoDear. =]

  7. Happy birthday to Marc! ^_^

    It was great to see you this weekend, JJ! *HUG* Love you to pieces---and this post. It's just completely you!

  8. Great post! God has certainly blessed you with the right guy! Have an amazing week!

  9. A little late, but Happy Birthday Marc!

  10. Happy birthday, Marc! I didn't know that about you loosing your mom and having step-brothers. Would love to meet your hubby and kids someday. So great to have seen you last weekend! Love ya!

  11. What a lovely tribute, Joanne! And a belated happy birthday to Marc!


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