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What "H" is for (and a post at the Cafe)

My daughter gave me a lesson in anxiety the other day--and she didn't even realize it. And, being a writer, I (gasp!) wrote about it. Stop by the Internet Cafe today, and see what she (and the Lord) taught me, and what it has to do with Flip Flops on the Welcome Mat.

And NOW, on to the OTHER stuff.

Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me

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I grew up in sunny Southern California. I was surrounded by lots of blue-eyed blondes. And I wanted to be just like them. But I wasn't.

And because of that, here at this blog, H is for HAIR. Mine, to be exact.

Me and my mamma. LOOK at those curls!
I've heard of babies being born bald. I've heard of kids not needing a haircut until they were five years old. That was NOT me. I was born with a full head of curly dark hair. And it only got curlier. And thicker. And harder to manage. And I got my first haircut before I turned one.

Six WEEKS old!
I was SO hoping I could find my school picture from tenth grade, but I searched and searched, and couldn't locate it. I often affectionately refer to it as my "more hair than face picture." I look like I have an afro. Ooooooy.

But these will have to suffice.
Age five - look how thick it is

I hated my hair for years. I felt like it was absolutely EVERYWHERE, and so tough to control. Brushing it was a total pain (literally and figuratively, of course).
Maybe 7 - THAT's lots of hair!
More curls - and in a mumu, yet!
a year or two?
And the curls? Believe it or not, I despised them. I thought they were so...limiting! My philosophy? "If your hair is straight, you can always curl it, but with curly hair, it's so hard to straighten."

The glasses, the gold jacket, the awful hair. WHAT a combo!

Fifteen years ago, can you say "poof?"

I use ALL that stuff (sigh)
And now, I've grown to really like my hair, thanks at least in part to the "product" I now use to tame it (to an extent, anyway). And I love my curls. And my wonderful hairstylist and dear friend, Ann Hair (was she MADE for the job, or what?).

So, there's everything you could possibly want to know about Joanne's hair, but were afraid to ask. Be sure to stop by Patty's blog for more "H" posts - which will NOT be about my hair. Can pretty much guarantee that one.

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. I like your hair the way you wear it now! (I had an afro in the 80's!)

  2. That's so funny! I always wanted curly hair like yours. Probably best that I didn't get it as I'd never be able to figure out how to use all those products.

  3. Oh Jo! You look sooooo much like your mom! Beautiful!! You have her smile. =] =]

    And I like your hair too. =] Curls are cool. ;-)

  4. Seems like we're never happy with what we have. We want curls if we don't have them, don't want them if we do:) We are fickle creatures, for sure. Love your curls! :) Love you!

  5. I agree with Laury - we are fickle creatures... I too have curly hair and don't really like it! As I've grown older it's become more frizzy which is really bad - and I have yet to find the perfect product to control it...
    Anyway, I think yours looks nice, and I love your baby photos! I was always glad my babies were born bald so that I didn't have to wash and dry a lot of hair. LoL!

    (Passing by from Patty's blog)

  6. My hair is the exact opposite, straight and will not hold a curl! I adore your hair and was wondering if it was naturally curly. Now I know! Great post.
    Even a take away message. It's what we do, with what God gives us that matters! Love you!

  7. Jo, I so relate. I always hated my curls. And my older sisters would complain that I cried too much when they had to comb or brush my hair.

    As I got older and learned which products work with my hair and which don't, I have come to like the curls.

    I do tell people that my hair is naturally snarly and I will trade their straight hair for a lack of snarls.

  8. Those photos are adorable Joanne!

  9. Loved looking at your photos, Joanne! My hair has always been a bane to me, too. In high school, I can remember throwing combs and brushes and such across the bathroom in frustration. Thankfully, I have come to grips with my hair these days. (Of course, the perm helped...)

  10. I'm another victim of curl-envy. My hair in the '80s was the result of an $80, 6-hour spiral permanent!
    These days I wear it short, because I don't have to fret over it, fuss with it, or fiddle with it during the day.
    Going natural is very freeing!

  11. I always wanted curls, too, but I think you're right that extra-thick straight hair is a little easier to tame. Mine gets frizzy, too, but it just makes it look messy instead of afro. Love the pics!

  12. Love the pictures! And your curly hair is lovely! :-)

  13. My hair always had just enough curl to earn the name "naturally contrary." Now that I've lost so much of it (due to diabetes, I think) I would welcome it back along with all the frustration :)
    Fun post, and I love the adorable pictures!

  14. Absolutely adorable, Jo (OK, except for the gold jacket... just sayin') Your smile is so beautiful, it would outshine the poofiest hairdo... but your curls are totally cool.


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