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July? REALLY?? A Goals/Progress Update

Okay - June went by WAY too fast. No, let me rephrase: THE FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR went by too fast. Can it truly be the middle of 2011? Someone, PLEASE tell me no!

But that calendar on my wall (yeah - I still have one on my wall) isn't lying. Here it is, July 2. So, I guess that means it's time to review my goals for June. And here they are, direct from my last goals/progress post:
  1. Make serious progress on improving Handmaiden to a Princess
  2. Write at least four Biblical fiction devos for the book with Jennifer Slattery
  3. Get as much as possible out of Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist class (by Margie Lawson!) and apply it to my book.
  4. Four blog posts average a week
  5. Send out more Ailing Body, Nourished Soul queries if needed
Didn't do quite as super as I'd like. But this was a crazy month. I HAVE made progress on Handmaiden to a Princess. I've been working mostly on characterization (realized just a few days after I wrote my goals/progress post that I didn't know my characters, and that my story needed a MAJOR overhaul, so I've been working on that) and a bit on plotting. In my head, it's a much better story. On paper is a whole different matter ;)

I only managed two Bib fic devos this month (but that WILL change next), and I haven't sent out any more queries. If you recall, I sent out three - two rejects, and one I'm waiting for a response on. Have four more places I wanna send. As far as blog posts, 18 in four and a half weeks is just about right for my goal.

Now to Margie's class. It was, in a world, INCREDIBLE. I learned so much that will help my descriptions. And I am CERTAIN I will be taking more of her classes. (click here for info) And I recommend you do the same. They are a LOT of work, but well worth it. (this is NOT a paid endorsement LOL)

So, now that you know how June went, here are my goals for July.
  1. Get my Handmaiden To A Princess plot and characterization straightened up and get to writing
  2. Write four biblical fiction devotionals for my project with Jennifer Slattery
  3. Send out four more queries for Ailing Body, Nourished Soul
  4. Keep up with my new responsibilities as blogger for the FaithWriters blog (check it out!)
  5. Three blog posts average a week
So, there we go! Thanks for reading along and encouraging me. See you soon!

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  1. I love your goals! You make mine seem like nothing:) I hope to write at least twenty thousand words this month on my new book and that's all!

  2. At least you have a PLAN and goals Joanne! You are way ahead of me!

    Bless you as July flies by too!

  3. No, Christmas was just here, wasn't it? I also just can't believe how quickly this year is flying by. Stick to those goals!

  4. I hear what you're saying!! I'm slow going on the goals, but I'm making progress. Still I need a year off to really get it all done! But don't think that's gong to happy!! Continue on, I'm there with you!

  5. Glad it's not just me that feels like time is going mach 6. :) Keep working on your goals, Jo - we're here cheering you on!! Yay!! And shout outs for becoming the new FW blogger :)


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