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How I Survived My Tech Fast

One of my 2011 goals is to take one day a month off from computers and texting-- it's part of my aim to bring more balance to my life. Well, last Tuesday was my very first "technology fast."

I didn't do it on purpose (really), but I had quite a few "out of the house" things to do that day, so I didn't have as much "dead time" to fill as a normal day. But I did spend the time I did have relatively effectively, I think.

Sorry - no before picture
I did a bit of longhand writing, some extra novel reading (a blessing!), and I completely reorganized my pantry (which was SADLY in need of it!). Though I missed it (texting mostly, to be honest), I know it was good for me. I truly realized that it's okay to step away for a bit and work on other things. I've found I've been more thoughtful about how I spend my time the past week. Apparently, I've learned that I actually have a choice how to allocate the hours in my day.

Wednesday was interesting. I found it took me much longer to "catch up" from being gone Tuesday than I expected, but I'm hoping I can figure out a way to lessen this as the months go on.

So, for those of you who asked (and those who didn't!), a report on my tech fast. I'm actually looking forward to my next one on February 1 (not enough to take another before then, though. I'm only human, yanno?)

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  1. Ahhh, great to hear it went well. :) You've convinced, I mean INSPIRED, me to do a similar thing. No Blackberry and no computer... whatever will I do for a whole day? Laundry? Pantry organization? That novel reading bit sounded kinda nice...

  2. I haven't done a complete fast, but I TRY every Sunday to take a day of rest, including from internet leisure. And I'm forcing myself to shut down the computer when I'm really not doing anything specific (surfing around, checking email and facebook for the zillionth time). I've found I now actually have reading time again

    Thanks for the encouragement, Joanne :-)

  3. Our church has had a media fast (usually October or November) where we abstained from tv, computer, texting, etc. for an entire month. Some radio and newspaper was allowed to enable folks to stay in touch with what was happening in the community and world. One movie per week was also allowed as long as you didn't watch it by yourself as a way of encouraging fellowship. This wasn't mandatory, of course. But for those who participated, the experience was remarkable...the more we tuned out the wordly devices, the more we tuned into God.

  4. When I stepped back from blogging in the fall for a time, I was amazed at how much my time online actually ate up my time! Now that I am back, I am trying to be conscious about taking care of my family and house before logging on. Some days it's easier than others!

    And good for you for cleaning out your pantry! I have to tell you, throwing out five things a week has totally become addicting - be warned! ;)

  5. I think I could benefit from such a fast.

  6. I've started writing in longhand as well. It's aggravating because my head always goes faster than my pen, but it's also relaxing.

    I just might give such a fast a try. Thanks, Joanne.

  7. What a great idea! I may give that a try this week. (:


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