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Barn Doors and the End of Election Season

No - these two things are NOT related, other than the fact that both of them have taken up some of my time lately.

I don't know about you, but I am SO glad the election season is over. Didn't this one seem more bitter and juvenile and full of attacks than the others? (Maybe I just have a short memory) I am sick of it. But I also realize that there is a LESSON here for us - that we can pass down to our children. Would love it if you'd stop by the Internet Cafe this week. I've got a post at the Family Counter. Find out How Politicians Can Help Your Kids Learn The Golden Rule (really!), and take something good out of this election - whether the folks you voted for got into office or not!

The Barn Door
And now, the barn door. I know many, though not all, of you, know that I live in the Midwest. I love it here. A bunch of Midwestern writers have gotten together and decided to launch a group blog. Several of my dear friends are among the participants, and we're getting ready to launch in just a few days! Be sure to stop by The Barn Door - we're launching Monday, November 8 - and see the world through Midwestern eyes. Of course, my eyes were born in California, but that's always an interesting perspective too, isn't it? And, of course, my eyes are becoming more and more Midwestern each day. :)

Thanks for stopping by, folks! Now back to work for me :D

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  1. Hi there. I can imagine that you were all getting fed up with the election coverage. I think the BBC have been covering it just as much over here in England! (I will be interested to watch the news this evening and see how the two Parties got on).
    I have put down to follow The Barn Door.

  2. Looking forward to the barn door swinging open on the 8th!

  3. I too am happy the election is over. They were overloading my mailbox and answering machine. Best wishes as you guys preparing for opening the barn door.


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