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Whirlwinds and Change (a goals/progress update)

What a month it's been. Busy. Crazy. Exciting. FAST.

Been SUPER busy - and not always with what I expected. But really, it's mostly been good. And it's all been for my growth. And that's always good, right?

The FaithWriters' Conference was WONDERFUL. Learned tons. Had AMAZING fellowship. Crazy laughs and giggles. And a super talk with an agent's editorial assistant. Same talk led to her requesting a book proposal for Ailing Body Nourished Soul. Which (!!!) led to a request for my full manuscript. Which is still "being worked on" - but will be off to her VERY soon. (My dear friend is giving it a "hard edit" - learned what that was at the conference - and as soon as it's back to me, I'll make it shine and send it to the waiting assistant.)

But enough about that for now. How about my goals for last month? How did I do?

Well, as usual, let's take a look at them:
  1. Write 3,000 words in my current WIP, Handmaiden to a Princess (do NOT wanna stop the momentum!)
  2. Finish my book proposal for Ailing Body, Nourished Soul (no later than August 10)
  3. "Fix" my three proposal chapters of ABNS no later than August 7, and continue working on the remaining chapters until they are done.
  4. Enter Ailing Body, Nourished Soul in the Houston Writers' Guild Fall Novel/Screenplay Contest (deadline is September 3 - and it has to go through snail mail)
  5. Post a minimum of twice a week to my blog
  6. Enter the FaithWriters' Writing Challenge once in August.
Well, first the good news. As far as 2-5, I did it :D My book proposal and chapters are done (including a tense shift of the whole thing from present to past after some amazing advice from the dear Deb Porter), I mailed off my contest entry this past Monday, and every week my blog had at least two posts. Woowoo me!

Then, of course, there's one and six. Handmaiden to a Princess? Yeah, I touched it, but did NOT make 3,000 words. More like 1,721. Certainly not terrible, but not my goal. I'm getting a bit "draggy" with this WIP at the moment - gonna do something a bit different with it for September (see goals below LOL). And the Challenge? Nope - though I thought about it once or twice.

But still: not bad! Especially considering the extra stuff I had on my plate.

But today is another month - my kids go back to school in six days, and they will both be full-time this year (:D), which means I might have more quietish time for work. Soooo here are my goals for September:
  1. Type in as many of the 96 handwritten pages of Handmaiden to a Princess as I can, tweaking and polishing as I go. (remember my former mentionings of writing in the "in between times?" It adds up. Trust me.)
  2. Once I get Ailing Body Nourished Soul back from its edit, make the necessary fixes and get it off to to the agent assistant as soon as possible.
  3. Post a minimum of three times a week to my blog.
  4. READ! (books - not just blog posts) For PLEASURE! 
  5. Enter the FaithWriters' Writing Challenge in September 
Well, there you have it! Thanks for your prayers and support - they were INCREDIBLY helpful!

And by the way, I know I mentioned in my "blog makeover post" that I might be sharing some of my regular posting plans/schedule today. But this post is long enough already. And I'm not QUITE done thinking it out. So keep your eyes peeled. Though I may just announce as I post them :)

Blessings to you!

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. Great post, Jo. You really accomplished a TON - way to go! Prayers that you'll achieve everything on your goals list. And praying about that full ms. Congrats again on the request!

  2. sounds like you've got a plan!

  3. Sounds like you're making good progress and keeping your targets clearly in front of you.


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