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A Broken Dryer As Answered Prayer

A few days ago, our dryer stopped working.

Oh, it still spins, but it doesn't warm up. Not even a little bit. So the clothes, naturally, don't get dry.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover this for sure (yeah, I'm slow) until I had three loads of laundry washed and wet.

So I needed another solution. Now I could have used the clothesline for some of it, but there was some pretty heavy stuff in there that needed more than just air - unless I wanted to wait a week. So I figured I had one other option.

So I checked google, and found out there is one just about two miles from our house (have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE that everything is relatively close to our home?). So I went.

I've been back twice since that day. Besides the regular laundry, that next night our cat puked on our comforter (sorry if that's TMI) - and we were running out of clothes again today.

Each time I got a bit more frustrated and tired of going.

But then I realized something.

For the past  several days, my wonderful, loving, sweet adorable children have been....well...less so. And the noise has been driving me crazy (PLEASE tell me I'm not the only family who goes through this in those weeks right before school starts! Love em, but I'm READY for them to go back). I had just been complaining (yeah - I know I'm not supposed to ::roll::) about my need for peace and quiet with a friend. And she reminded me that in just a few days I'd have it - once the kids were in school.

But God gave it to me early - inside that laundromat. I never would have left the kids home with the hubby unless I had to. And God knew that. So maybe, just maybe, He orchestrated a situation where I needed to do just that. And He gave me some time to recharge.

And those laundromat dryers are amazing. Got three loads of laundry dry in 25 minutes, for less than a dollar. And who won't pay 75 cents for some recharge time - and dry clothes to boot?

So He works EVERY situation for His good. Even a broken dryer.
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 (and yeah, I know this verse is a lot more profound than what I've shared, but hey - it fits!)
My husband's gonna call someone tomorrow to come fix the dryer. And someone will come - in God's timing. In the meantime, that laundromat isn't so bad. ;)

Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. hehe. I just knew that laundromat would be good for something other than just drying your clothes! So glad you had some quiet moments before next week. =]

  2. I like the laundromat. That's reading time I look forward to.

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  4. Just wanted to say thanks, Jo. You've actually made me WANT to do laundry and that is no small feat, let me tell you.

    Anything for some peace & quiet!!!!! Arrrrggggghhhhh :( OK, I'm done.

    Hey, do you think I could go and hide in the mudroom with the lights off?? Same effect??

    (In all seriousness, thanks for your wonderful insight and encouragement. This too shall pass...)

  5. I live too far away for the laundromat and my dryer isn't even spinning!! But I really enjoy the clothes line, I always have. And it is because I have to be outside and take it slow. There is a peacefulness during that time. I get to inspect the clothes a little closer and even pray over those wearing them. And when the kids were little I loved watching them run through the sheets.

  6. I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become a follower of it if you wish.

    I did sign up and it said I'm a follower altho I don't see my icon yet. I'm not into facebook very much...if you know what I mean.


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