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As Of Late (August)

One of my VERY favorite websites, Exemplify Online, started a monthly meme on the 15th of each month that is an absolute FAVORITE of mine.  Click here for details.

Check out Kristen's post for more "As Of Lates" - and join in there.

Now it's my turn:

Lately, I've been preparing and preparing for something that was even better than I imagined
Lately, I've spent some amazing time with some amazing friends
Lately, I've learned new ways to be a better wife to my husband
Lately, I've been confused by my emotions
Lately, I've been reminded that my emotions should not be the basis of my decisions
Lately, I've had too much to do - but God has allowed me to get most of it done anyway
Lately,  my heart has been full
Lately, I've been counting down the days until school starts
Lately, I've wondered if "all that time" I'll have when the kids are back in school really WILL be that much more than I have now.
Lately, I've set my goals high

And I've been wondering what you've been doing as of late.

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Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. Yay for things that are even better than you imagined!! :o Amazing times with friends is always special.

    So glad to know all that has been going on with you as of late...

  2. Just lately you've gotten busy? Wow! :) As of late...I've been thinking and praying for you! So glad you had fun at the conference!!!

  3. Lately, I've been preparing and preparing for something that was even better than I imagined

    Love this! Excited for you!

  4. preparing for something that was better than you imagined, a full heart, goals set high, sounds like a wonderful as of late.

    I love this meme so much.

  5. Ah -- that was a good reminder for me: Not to let my emotions be the sole basis for my decisions (and my reactions, I may add).

  6. I'm learning about emotions too lately although not my own - about not being led by the emotions of those around me.

    Love you and loved that you joined me this week!


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