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Peeking My Head Out

The rumors of my death (or the death of my puter LOL) are now officially dispelled :)

I KNOW I haven't posted here in several weeks, and that I THOUGHT my computer diet would only last a couple weeks, but all that really matters is that I'm back now - right? (I hope :D)

To be honest, I've been off my "computer diet" for a couple weeks. I just haven't made it back to my blog. It's amazing how easy it is to "get out of the habit" of posting here, or even of writing in general. But this is NOT something I plan to continue. I WILL be back to posting here regularly (and I'd LOVE to find time to read others' blogs as I used to!! I really miss that.).

Well, considering it is May 1, and this is the time I generally review my progress from the previous month and set goals for next, I might as well do that right now - don't you think?

I did NOT set goals for April...and I ACHIEVED EVERY GOAL I SET!!!(hey - I'll take my props where I can get 'em - right?) Seriously, we did get moved into the house, and we are mostly unpacked. We LOVE it in our new place - such a God thing.  I could go on and on about the blessings God has given us regarding this house (and I likely WILL share some on my blog in the near future).

But it's a new month, and it's time to get busy again with my writing stuff. So...here are my goals for May:

  1. Write 8,000 words in my current WIP, Handmaiden to a Princess (guess I'd better take that 500 a day button off my blog for the time being, eh??)
  2. Post to my blog a minimum of twice a week (with a TRUE goal of three times a week as the month goes on)
  3. Enter the FaithWriters writing challenge ONCE this month (feeling like I need to write a bit more fiction that is NOT my novel!)
It seems like there should be something else, but I cannot for the life of me think of what it is. But that's what I'm aiming for now.

Thanks so much, folks, for hanging in with me and praying me through. I appreciate you so much - and PROMISE to stay out of my mudhole more in this merry, merry month of May!
Paving Rough Roads With God's Presence


  1. Welcome back Joanne!! I am thrilled you are moved in and loving your new home. I like the way you post your goals, Think I will follow your lead and post goals for May. It is great having you back!! :) Hugs, Rita

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2010

    YAY!! You're back!
    Happy May!

  3. In my book, just moving is reason enough not to accomplish anything else whatsoever - for weeks at least, maybe months! It's such a chore! Glad you love the new place!

  4. so glad you are settled in and writing/blogging again!

  5. HI, JO! You accomplished a great amount of important things last month. There's more to life than writing.

  6. Always enjoy your blog...and have it on my sidebar....Glad you are back...

    Sunday evening blog hopping.....
    Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on late tonight.....
    Hope you will stop by.

  7. I don't know how you're keeping your head above water with a move and all. We're about to move in June, and my house is completely turned upside down, not to mention the 31 boxes the UPS man delivered on Monday with my books. Good gracious, mercy me. I'm drowning, but I'm smiling.

    Keep writing and keep us posted on your goals. I love that you do this. Wish I were as ambitious. I suppose I do have goals; I just keep them to myself so as not to garner "shame" from others when I don't accomplish them.

    I know. I'm a wimp.



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