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Who's The Rose?

Would love for you to stop by the Family Channel at Exemplify today. I've got a post up there that exposes a bit more of the "real me" than I generally share - but God told me to do it. I'm sure (LOL or perhaps I hope!) many of you can relate. Pop over there and read about Motherly Insecurities.

I'm going to be spending the Thanksgiving holiday, as many of you, I assume, with family. In fact, at various times over that long weekend, there will be a total of nineteen of us together - some of which I haven't seen in months, others in years, and a couple in nearly a decade.

Out of those I will see, I am 99% certain of the spiritual condition of all but two of them. The have NOT accepted Christ as their Lord. So, it seems, I have a job to do.

I so want to be a good witness, to be salt and light, to my family. How I would LOVE God to use me and my family to bring them into a saving knowledge of Christ. But I am nervous.

I'm afraid I'll chicken out. I'm afraid I'll  say it wrong and turn them more against Christ than they already are. I'm afraid I'll compromise my convictions to keep the peace, or to avoid confrontation.

And sometimes, I wonder if they're beyond reaching--that they're so engrossed in their selfish lives that even the love of Christ can't break through.

Of course, I know that NOBODY is beyond reaching - but still, Satan allows that thought to occupy me occasionally.

And yesterday morning, in church, our pastor preached on the stewardship of the gospel of Christ. They were words I needed. He ended his message by sharing a powerful, four-minute video, which I am sharing with you.

There are so many messages in this, for so many people. But for me, it spoke to me, asking if, perhaps, my parents, or my brothers, or anyone else who will be with us for Thanksgiving, might be the rose. And if so, what must I do?

Click here if you can't view it on my blog.



  1. I am that rose...

    Through tears, I find my thanks this morning in a week meant for "calendared" thanks. It should be my posture throughout the year.

    Grace and all its amazing never grows old, sister.

    Prayers for you as you seek out the right "posture" for this upcoming weekend. In advance, may God till the soil of heavy hearts for the seeding of his Gospel. Don't take on too much responsibility here, Joanne. It's the Spirit's job to reveal and draw; you just have your heart ready to move at his prompting.

    Love you.


  2. That is a great video. I know how you feel about the family. I just don't say anything to mine. They want no emails about it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I'll be praying for you. Don't worry or plan what you will say. Just be yourself and let God work out the opportunities. Your actions will speak louder than any words. Think of the writing motto: "show, don't tell". If God wants you to say something, you'll see the wide open door and the words will be there for you. Don't worry about. Let God shine through you.

  4. Sorry, my son was logged into his google acct, and my comment left under his name. lol.

    I loved your post at Exemplify too, wow, you are ministering to my heart today!

    Like you, I am walking into some interesting situations during the holidays, and I want to be ready and courageous and filled with His Spirit, fully sensing and knowing when He does and doesn't want me to speak.

    I'm praying for you, Jo, I know the Lord is faithful to see you through this! Love you!

  5. I've been praying and will be praying you through. Family is so special... The actions of your life these last ten years have done a lot of talking for you. Don't doubt that. But there are times when words are needed--praying for discernment to know if this is one of those times.

    Love you!!


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