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Friday Fiction: "The Prayer Walk"

I have the incredible blessing and privilege of hosting Friday Fiction this week for my dear, dear friend (and brain sharer!) Patty from Patterings. If you want to participate, post some fiction on your blog and link up in the McKLinky gadget at the bottom of my post - and don't miss reading other folks' contributions. They're always wonderful.

Breaking the rules today and posting a poem (though it isn't a TRUE poem, so I guess that still counts as fiction! LOL). Wrote this over two years ago. It came out of nowhere (LOL aka God's inspiration), and it was one of my very early Editors' Choice winners for the FaithWriters' Writing Challenge. It was the dreaded genre quarter--which is about the ONLY reason I wrote a poem LOL. Hope you enjoy it.


I needed a place
to look into God's face
and share all my troubles in prayer.

The people around
and distractions abound
made me long for a refuge from there;

A place I could know of His care.

In nature, it seemed
was the place where I'd dreamed
I'd commune with the Lord as I pray.

Yet I strolled through the park
and I heard a remark
from a stranger I passed on the way.

"Please help me!" the man seemed to say.

I looked in his eyes
and to my surprise
I found I could see in his soul.

His anger and pain
each loss and each gain
were there for my eyes to behold.

He was aching to be in control.

His hopes were all shattered
his dreams, torn and tattered.
How he longed for his heartache to cease.

So I reached out my hand
and hoped he'd understand
that I wanted to help him find peace.

My Lord Jesus could give him release.

So we sat and we shared
and our hearts God repaired
and the lesson we learned in the end:

that the most ideal way
to find God when you pray
is to come to the aid of a friend.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to link up below, and read other folks' fiction. Great stuff!


  1. Oh JoDear, I really like this. Really. like. this.

    Thanks so much for hosting for us! LoL--and you should all know by now that it doesn't bother me in the least when people post poems!! Just don't be looking for ME to post a poem--mine stink!! LoL Truly. Fiction Friday is all about fun and sharing stuff we've written. :D Fiction or poetry or even nonfiction that reads like fiction. :D

    I really like this, Jo. Love the message in it.

    (and NOW I'm REALLY going to bed!! I promise!!!) LoL

  2. Great message, and I love the meter pattern you used. Wonderful poem!

  3. This is a good poem! (Now, we need to get Peej to post one...giggle.)

    I like how the MC saw the man's heart after spending time with God.

    Thanks, JO!

  4. I loved this and I'm not usually a poem reader:) Great job!

  5. Wonderful Poem! I like it alot!!! :)

  6. Oh Jo,
    Don't ya know,
    I like it!

    Hehe. . .

  7. Very good poem. Am impressed:) I don't see Mr. Linky on here. It could just be my silly school computer.

    My story for FF is here:

  8. I LOVE it Joanne!! The rhythm is just right, and the extra line that ends each stanza makes it special. You should write more poetry you know... :)

  9. I like this a lot! I don't generally write poetry either - when I do it really has to be the inspiration, I think, of the Holy Spirit.

  10. I am so impressed. I LOVE your poem. Your rhyme and meter are perfect and your message is it's crowning glory! Awesome!!! :)

  11. This is a great poem, Joanne! The crafting of it is superb, and the voice and the message lovely. You're a poet, and don't know it! (groan)

  12. Very good poem! Thank you for sharing!


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