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Nurturing The Whole Writer (part 1)

I am generally a very mild-mannered person(if you believe THAT, you haven't been reading my blog very long!), but I am INCREDIBLY excited about an event I'm going to be attending later this summer, and that I would LOVE to see you at as well. I'm so excited, in fact (and so hoping to encourage you to join me), that I am planning to post about it weekly until I'm actually there.

What event could this possibly be?
The Second Faithwriters' Writing Conference, of course!
Today, I'll start with the basics, but watch this blog. This is going to be an INCREDIBLE conference, and I'll be giving you many reasons for you to attend. It's definitely not too late to sign up. Click here for all the details!

The conference will be held Friday and Saturday, August 7 and 8, at the Radisson Hotel in Livonia, Michigan. The cost to attend is amazingly reasonable: $72 for FW500 members, and $82 for anyone else. This price includes the conference, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. What a deal!

The theme of the conference is Nurturing the Whole Writer. Speakers will include Published Inspirational Regency Romance Author Linore Rose Burkard; Published Writer, Editor, and Public Speaker Deb Porter (all the way from Australia!); and others.

I was privileged to attend the first Faithwriters Conference in 2007, and it was an incredible time of learning, fellowship, and just plain fun.

So, have I gotten you interested yet? Go register. And check back here next Saturday for more info!


  1. What? It's not too late you say? Good, cuz my registration form is still on my kitchen table. [eye roll emoticon here].
    LOVE your enthusiasm, Jo!

  2. I can hardly wait to meet you!!!

  3. LoL--tomorrow is my day to check with my hubby about going, but I don't foresee a problem. :)

    Can't wait!! The first one was FAbulous!!


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