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Gettin' Zesty

Do you know how much I appreciate my bloggy friends?? Well, today I'm going to point at least some of you to a site that can, I'm sure, do nothing but improve your relationship with both your husband and the Lord.

That said, if you don't have a husband, this site isn't exactly geared for you. So, sorry single women readers! If you ARE a husband, however, don't be afraid to point your better half this way. You won't be sorry.

My absolutely dear friend Patty, and another blogging friend Heidi (Stonefox) have just started up a blog specifically about women's sexuality from a Biblical perspective. It's definitely worth checking out.

Adding Zest to your Nest

These women are being honest and bold about this, in a Christian context. And where else can you find that? (Nowhere I know of, that's for sure)

Read their purpose statement:
Our desire is to create a safe place for women to discuss our sexuality as Christians. We believe sex should be a delight, a treasure, and a gift to share with our husbands.

We have a three-fold purpose:
1) to promote a biblical understanding of sex and the marriage bed
2) to assist women who struggle with their sexuality
3) to provide a community of likeminded women for accountability, support, and sharing of resources and experiences.
So, stop by Adding Zest To Your Nest. The discussion is great--trust me.

See ya there!


  1. Thanks so much, Jo!!
    We're having fun over there! :)

  2. Joanne, thanks for recommendation! gettin zesty is a hoot and factual at the same time! Thanks again!


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