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Orlando and Baby Brothers

I'm at Exemplify today, writing about what Miriam and I (and Moses and my baby brother Artie!) may have in common. It's part of my Ponderings on the Pentateuch series. Please stop by!

Many of you know that my family spent almost a full week in Orlando earlier this month. It was me, my husband, and both kids (Andrew is 8 and Annika 5). We also met my parents there, as well as my baby brother Artie (see - these two topics ARE related!), his wife Chrissi, and their two kids: Ava is 4, and Benjamin 15 months. I hadn't seen my parents in a year and a half (we're in Michigan, they live in Vegas) and hadn't seen Artie and his family in about three years (which, of course, meant I hadn't met little Benjamin). They live in Oregon.

Anyhow - it's about time I posted some of the pictures I took on our trip. (Two of them, actually, have already been posted. My Word-Filled-Wednesday from yesterday was a picture of the two girls, and today's Exemplify post includes a picture of my baby brother, Andrew, and..um...a welcome guest. :)

Anyhow - enjoy!

We spent LOTS of time sitting in the shade. Temps were in the mid-90's the whole time. In this picture are my dad, my mom, and Annika. This was our first day there, at Disney Animal Kingdom.

We went to Epcot the next day. Left to right - Annika and Ava in Bruce the shark's mouth. The second picture is Andrew, Annika, and Ava playing at one of those water things that squirts up. They all (but especially Andrew) got SOAKED!

That night, we attended one of those character dinners at Epcot. All ten of us had a wonderful meal and got to spend time with Disney magic. Chip, Dale, Mickey and Pluto each came to our table at least twice. First picture is Andrew and Annika with Chip (he has the brown nose). Next are the girls (Annika's on the left) with Mickey Mouse. Then there's my baby brother's family: Ava, Aunt Chrissi, and Benjamin. Then, of course, my baby brother Artie, and my son Andrew.

We did Magic Kingdom the next day. Annika rode with Aunt Chrissi on the teacups (she wanted to go slow, unlike most everyone else besides Chrissi LOL). Most all of us went on Dumbo, of course, and we took this little picture to commemorate it (back row - my dad, Uncle Artie. Front row - Ava, Annika)

Probably the highlight of the trip for Annika was getting to meet Disney princesses. She was positively glowing during each visit. I'll let you see for yourself. :D

Magic Kingdom was definitely my (and my kids') favorite day. The girls had a wonderful time, and were THRILLED when Uncle Artie bought them matching hats. Aren't they cute??
The last day, we went to Sea World. I won't bore you with the tons of pictures I took of sea animals, but I will show a few of my exhausted, roasting hot family. (We didn't stay long. I think we were back in our rooms by 2 or so, and in the pool for SEVERAL hours fairly soon after that!) First is my dad and Andrew, and second is Ava and her mom Chrissi.

Thanks for stopping by, and checking out my pictures, and wonderful family. Have a great day - and see ya back here tomorrow for Friday Fiction :) (hopefully! LOL)


  1. And no wonder I got no answers to my texts Miss Jo. (heard about the cell phone) I had my grandkids an extended week and was traveling on that Sat. but tried to reach you for Sunday to see when you guys were leaving. I reeeeeally hated missing the opportunity to see you my friend. I so glad you all had a good time. Love, Pat

  2. LOVED seeing the pictures, Jo!! But where's YOU? Do you have one with YOU in there? *ducking*

  3. Love these photos! Epcot is probably my most favorite place on earth. I love, love, love the World Expo!


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