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More Fascinating Passover/Easter Stuff

As promised, I've got another post on what I learned at the Passover meal I attended on Good Friday. Just pop over to Exemplify and check out the latest in my Ponderings on the Pentateuch series. I'm fairly certain you'll be as amazed as I am at the Christ images in even the MODERN Passover seder service. God can use anything to witness--including the traditions of people who don't accept His Son.

Oh - and for the interested, as of earlier this week, Ailing Body Nourished Soul is divided into chapters (thirty-three of them, to be exact - not including the introduction and conclusion) and in order! I've just started working on solidifying the chapters a bit (each chapter needs a verse to start with, plus questions to ponder and a prayer - and a lot of my dividing gave me several I still need to work on!), and I'm sure I'll still be working on that when it's time for my monthly progress. PLUS, my online writing class "Going From Good To Sold" just started today, so I'm sure the lovely Shirley Jump will keep me...well...jumping ;)

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  1. Wohoo!! You go, girl!
    Enjoy your class! It's an excellent one! =)

  2. I'm working on questions and prayers for each of my reflections in my current WIP. Some of the hardest work to date! I'll be thinking of you as your organize, friend.



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