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Monday Manna

Welcome to Monday Manna. The purpose of this meme is to get together and get to know Christ more through His Word. The first and third Monday of each month, anyone who wishes can post their thoughts on a verse I introduced at my blog the Thursday before. It doesn't have to be a long post -- just a few thoughts, a picture you feel helps express it, a poem, a short story, a devotional.

Anyone is welcome to participate. Just post to your blog and link up at the bottom of this post in the Mr. Linky gadget.

This Monday's scripture is pretty jam-packed with possibilities (I think).
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12
Looking forward to reading what you've come up with. My thoughts are below.


Maybe you're different, but in my case, when the going gets tough, the first thing I want to do is ask for, or take steps toward, deliverance. I have no desire to stay in my troubles any longer than I absolutely have to. It's human nature to strive for "easy"--to avoid tough times at all costs.

BUT God does not want us to follow our "human nature." He doesn't want us to avoid our struggles, or to find ways to circumvent them. No--he wants us to be "patient in affliction." Affliction, actually, is much of what makes us grow in grace and peace, and what makes us more and more like Christ.
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-4 NIV
As we live through these difficulties, we become stronger in Him. But how, you may ask, do we handle this? Being patient in difficulties is by no means a natural, or even sensible, reaction to trials.

The key, it seems, is in the "bread" of this verse from Romans. By doing the "outsides," the "inside" becomes more sensible.

We must be joyful in hope. No matter the difficulties we are going through, we know where our hope lies: in God's sovereignty, in our hope of heaven, in knowing that God is using our circumstances to further His kingdom. And that is certainly worthy of our joy.

We must be faithful in prayer. As we seek Him, He will not only comfort us in our afflictions, but will draw us closer to Him, so we can possibly see a glimpse of exactly why we are in this affliction. A Godly perspective can help us endure, and even rejoice in, our difficulties.

This power-packed little verse, it appears to me, is a key to living a life for God. If we are joyful, patient, and faithful, what a testimony we can be!


Thanks for reading my thoughts here! Be sure to check out the other participants in the gadget below - and link up yourself if you have some thoughts on this verse.

Happy Monday Manna!


  1. Thanks Joanne!
    What a wonderful Scripture. My husband and I are going to memorize and meditate upon it this week! I appreciate the encouragement to get the Word into my thoughts and actions through this meme! I hope you don't mind that I brought another Scripture into my post to tie the two together. I haven't done that before, but they seemed to go together so beautifully.

  2. Thanks for choosing this verse! It was good to single it out of the long list in Romans 12 and dwell on it. Your thoughts on it are very uplifting and inspiring! I smiled when you started talking about 'outsides' and 'insides.' When you read mine, you'll see why. Hugs!

  3. Active participation at every level. Be "joyful", be "patient", be "faithful." Our walk with Christ, whether on the mountains or in the valley, is a deliberate pursuit. We don't become "holy" through accidental measure. Holiness comes through intention, both on God's part and on ours. That is what I'm thinking about as I read your post.

    May God's manna be ever-present in your heart and life this week as we walk to the cross.


  4. that's a Scripture to etch by stone in my sometimes addled brain... In Chassidism.. it's viewed as "all good".. a blessing even tho in the moment it feels like you know what

    thanx and shalom

  5. This was a wonderful verse upon which to reflect!

    This is one of those examples of how jam-packed the Bible is with words for living!

    Thanks for sponsoring this meme:-)

  6. Hi Joanne, I like how you put James 1:2-4 in this... I can recall some real Godly examples for me in some older saints that have held on to these things and you do mature and grow in God.
    Great little verse you chose!!

    God bless,

  7. These words warmed me. It's so hard to be patient in our trials and struggles and so easy to pray for deliverance rather than trust. But it's our trust that God is after. It's our trust that means the most to Him.

  8. Joanne, thank you so much for your thoughts on this verse. You are a true encouragement to me. I'm a day late joining in this week, but this verse has certainly blessed me this week! Thanks again.

    May God richly bless you, my friend!


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