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Kettle Club: March Bible Insights

The Kettle Club is meeting today at Exemplify Online's blog. It's an opportunity for us to share the fruits of our goal of spending time in God's Word before blogging in March. Been looking forward to this! Be sure to pop over yourself and check out the other contributors at Exemplify's blog.

There were several questions to choose from, but I've decided to focus on one, then give a perspective I picked up this month that isn't addressed in the questions, but that I think can be beneficial.

What are some practical ways you maintain a consistent “in the Word” time?
It is the first (coherentish) thing I do each day. My kids know it. I know it. I've never tried to skip, but I imagine my kids would ask about it. I am traditionally an early riser (I joked the other day that I "slept in" until 6am one day last week - and it wasn't TOO much of a joke). I get out of bed, shower, dress, and grab a glass of milk, my Bible and my devotional book. It's become a habit to me. For me (and perhaps some of you) the easiest way to do something regularly is to make it a habit. That's what I've done. I simply do not allow myself to do anything else until I've finished--or if I get interrupted (to get something for my kid to eat, etc.) I just go back to it. I may not always have the most worshipful or even coherent time, but I ALWAYS do it.

What is your motivation for not just "going through the motions" in reading your Bible? (yeah - this question is NOT on the list, but I wanna share anyway! Kristen said it was okay, anyway!) As I mentioned above, I am VERY disciplined about having my "in the Word" time. Every morning it happens. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I did not do my reading in the past six months (maybe even year!). BUT, sometimes I read His Incredible Word like it's a magazine article - or even the phone book, or the cereal box. I will admit that there are times when I can't tell you 20 minutes later what I read. And that's ALMOST as bad as not reading at all.

This has to stop. And, inadvertently, I've found a way to combat it.

At least some of you know I am the Thursday blogger at Exemplify. I am currently doing a weekly series called Ponderings from the Pentateuch, where I write a blog/devotional every Thursday on some aspect of the five books of Moses. Well, in my daily Bible reading, I am currently in those very books (about mid-Deuteronomy at the moment). So, as I read, I am constantly keeping my mind open for topics for my series. I can't just "skim" if I'm specifically looking for a lesson, can I? And it's amazing what I've picked up. So, I'm gonna keep doing the same thing - even starting April 6, when I start Joshua. Even if I don't write the devo, if I'm constantly looking for the lesson, I'm gonna find it! (and I'm not changing my series then either - I'll still be plugging away with my Torah lessons. There's so much in those five books!) God's Word NEVER returns void!

Thanks for reading. Be sure to stop by Exemplify's Online Blog for some more "kettlers." And join in if you want!


  1. Indeed, God's word NEVER returns void.

    It seems as though every day that I don't start out with scripture is a day that is somehow lost. It just never goes the way it should. And you're right, the best thing to do is to make it a habit.

    Wonderful post. I'll head to Exemplify's blog shortly!

  2. Blogging and writing devotionals has also kept me from skimming. I want to know, dig deep, even with passages I have read over and over.

  3. Loving your Pentateuch series ... thanks!

  4. I know I've really been in The Word when i come out with a blog idea. That is a true gage for me. Thank you for sharing with us, Jo. This routine is one I struggle with.

  5. forgetting it in 20 minutes... that's where I was for a while too! thanks for sharing that!

  6. This is actually an approach I use, too. I really believe if you are tuned in and actively reading, you get so much more of out your morning time!

  7. I'm an early morning person too. And I hate to miss my daily quiet time. It does become a habit; a good habit. I'm glad to read how you take time to really absorb and not just skim, especially when you're writing a devotional.

  8. Thanks for sharing about your method of 'digging deep'. Reading for reading sake is really missing the point....communication!

    Reading to find a 'nugget of truth' is purposeful.

    Bless you,

  9. I keep a journal close when I'm reading too. God is speaking through His Word, and if I don't take notes, I might not remember what He said. :) And yes, MANY blog ideas.

  10. OK. Being honest: I'm NOT a morning person! And years ago, when I was in college, I gave up on the idea that morning devotions worked for me! (I avoided 8:00 classes, too) I can't think straight early in the mornings, but the Word stands out to me at night....when the house is quiet and I'm fully awake. I come to life about 8:00 PM.(:

    My hubby IS a morning devotions guy and it took him years to get used to my "night-time" discussions after reading the Word. We've adjusted to each others quirks, but he still would like it better if I had my spiritual discussions with him at, say, 7:00 AM. But knowing God loves me even if I am a square peg in a round hole is an awesome thing! It is SO good to read His messages to us and get the whole meaning--no matter when we read it.

    PS: I fully expect to finally "fit" when I get to Heaven and the world isn't being run by morning people anymore! LOL.


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