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The Kettle Club - Bible reading!

The Kettle Club is meeting today at Exemplify Online's blog. It's an opportunity for us to share the fruits of our goal of spending time in God's Word before blogging in February. Been looking forward to this for a month!

There were quite a few questions offered for discussion. I've chosen to blog on the following:

• Did you focus on a specific portion of Scripture this month (for example, the Psalms)? If so, share why you chose to focus on that specific portion.

Since I was saved, with the exception of one year, I have read through the Bible in its entirety annually. I don't always do it the same way, or with the same version, but I do it. This year, I'm using a reading schedule that takes me through the Old and New Testaments chronologically. Also, a big change for me is that I'm actually using The Message as my Bible. It has given me some interesting insights for sure. For February, I spent most of my time in Exodus in the OT (plus the end of Genesis and the beginning of Leviticus), and in the second half of Matthew and the first half of Mark in the NT.

• Are you following along with a specific devotional? If so, tell us a little about the devotional. Do you recommend it for your fellow Kettle Club ladies?

I'm actually using an old (for all of you, I'm sure), tried and true daily devotional this year: Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest. Chambers has a way of bopping me upside the head with truth I had never noticed before--and always, of course, when I need it most. I've never read this one before, and have already decided to add it to my "yearly rotation," along with "Streams in the Desert" and Our Daily Bread.

• What is a stand out lesson you learned this month? What has the Lord been steadily teaching you?

With my Pentateuch series at Exemplify, I have found myself looking more deeply into my reading this month - especially the Old Testament portions. I think my biggest lesson was from Rachel this month. She was the beloved wife to Jacob, but she kept messing up (she took dad's idols, complained to her husband about not having children, and on). Yet, she REMAINED the beloved wife. I'm like that to Jesus. How amazing is that?

• Do you find that when you place your time spent with the Lord before blogging life somehow seems…simpler? Or feels more balanced?

ABsolutely! (though, I have to admit that this was NOT a "change" for me, per se) The only thing I do in the morning before my Bible reading is get out of bed, shower and dress, and grab a glass of milk. When for whatever reason I can't do this, I feel harried. Simple as that!

And, do you know what? I've determined that it is just because I get a "quiet" quiet time. Because I don't necessarily. Even though I am sitting with my milk and the Word before 6am most every morning, my kids sometimes "join me" during this time, and they're anything but quiet as mice. But still, the peace in my heart comes.

I am SO loving this meme - already!! Be sure to drop by Exemplify Online's Blog to read more "Kettlers" 0r join in yourself!


  1. You totally blessed me with the Rachel comment. :)

  2. I love this comment "Chambers has a way of bopping me upside the head with truth I had never noticed before"! So funny and So true! Some words are just timeless, aren't they?

  3. I'm reading thru the Bible for the first time this year. I also really enjoy any of Chambers' devotionals... deep stuff!

  4. Between you and Patty, I am just in love with the idea of bible studying in front of your children. My Mom always had her time with the Lord and when we woke up we knew not to distract her because she was praying. It is definitely something as an adult I look back on and see Christ exemplified.

    Love this!!

  5. Great post! I have never read through the bible in a year. I'm impressed that you have done this several times!

    I should find a good schedule to follow. I think I would like to do it chronologically too!

  6. Hi Joanne
    I love the idea of the Kettle Club, and you know, it seems to be a theme the Lord is spontaneously spreading to His children all over the place. Lately I've been (mostly!) following a similar routine before I use the net after the kids go to bed. First I do weights for about 10 minutes (partly to wake myself up...) then read the Bible and read a 'Every Day with Jesus' devotional - I get so much from Selwyn Hughes, and then I pop on a praise song to worship the Lord.

    Also, the Daily Bread devotionals I am reading are from my dad, and some date back to 1993. Yet somehow, what the Lord is doing in my life so often matches what I read that evening. In fact, on the same day in which I decided the theme upon which to base my blog, with 2 Cor 12:9-10 as the Bible base for my blog, the Daily Bread passage (from a 1993 issue!) I read later that evening was that same scripture. Talk about confirmation...

  7. Thank you for sharing what you learned about Rachel. Enjoyed reading your heart here.


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