“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain

Word-Filled Wednesday: In A Nutshell

This verse was an absolute favorite of mine for several years, and it popped into my head the other day. It seems like such a wonderful, all-encompassing verse. To me, it's the Christian life "in a nutshell." Follow this advice, and you're good. Yanno?

Thank You, Lord, for reminding me of this wisdom from Your word. Help me to live it. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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  1. Jo, the graphics are beautiful, and the verse is perfect. Something I need more of for sure. Thank you, and I'm so glad you're doing these! Worshipful, isn't it? Happy WFW!

  2. Hey Joan,

    This has always been one of my life-verses.

    Your picture is so perfect for this.

    How have you been?

    Blessings to you this WFW♥

  3. Great post! I love the verse you chose. Thanks for participating!

  4. Perfect fit for my gloomy day.


  5. Beautifully illustrated! I love this verse...I need to cling to it more than I do. I'm fixing to write it on my calendar. Happy WFW!

  6. Great verse! Thanks for posting this one.

    I have a great Inspiration giveaway going on my Devotional Daze blog, so stop by & check it out!

  7. Great Verse. I love the whole chapter. Romans rocks!
    Happy WFW!
    ~esthermay @The Heart of a Pastor's Wife

  8. great verse and pic. happy WFW! isn't God good?

  9. This was really beautiful! I love the vibrant colors and have really enjoyed meditating on the verse.

  10. great verse choice! that graphic really gives it life to me!

  11. You're right - in a nutshell. :) The graphic is just beautiful, and perfect for the verse.

  12. I've been reading Rom 12:9-21 this week. Your WFW is very encouraging!

  13. I agree with LauraLee--the image is beautiful. And I just love this verse and the treatment you gave it in the image.

    Happy WFW (a day late)!

  14. Joanne, thanks for sharing that verse.. it's a good reminder for us to be patient in all things. It reminds me of a song I sing "Praise His name" no matter what I am going thru Praise His name. It's like when our focus is off us.. we can get thru things better. thanks for the inspiration.
    God bless ya,


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