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My Writing Habits - a Meme

Here’s something I found on Dee's wonderful blog My Heart's DeeLight--she found it at Dara's Blog and she found it on Pterodaustro Dreams' blog! As she wrote in her introduction, feel free to copy and use this on your own blog.

Do you write fiction or non-fiction? Or both?
I actually write both, though my best work (in my opinion, anyway) is fiction. Despite that, the major project I am working on right now is non-fiction. But that's the Lord, isn't it? Making up for YOUR weaknesses with HIS strength!

Do you keep a journal or a writing notebook?
Nope - though I usually keep a notebook with me to jot down ideas I may come up with

If you write fiction, do you know your characters’ goals, motivations, and conflicts before you start writing or is that something else you discover only after you start writing?
I know some of it when I start--usually. My characters will sometimes surprise me, though.

Are you a procrastinator or does the itch to write keep at you until you sit down and work?
Definitely NOT a procrastinator, though I am often stopped from writing when I want to because of my "life." And, unfortunately, because of that, I have lost some ideas. :(

Do you write in short bursts of creative energy, or can you sit down and write for hours at a time?
I've never really had much opportunity to sit down for a very long time, but lately it's been even "worse." I am doing almost all of my writing in 10-minute or less increments. I think I COULD write for longer periods (I think I've written for a solid hour before, but it's been a while)--just need to find a way of working it into my schedule (discipline and priorities!)

Are you a morning or afternoon writer?
I can, and do, write whenever I get a chance, but if it were entirely up to me, I think my best writing would be done in the morning. Hope to get back to you on confirming that! ;) I am definitely a "morning person."

Do you write with music/the noise of children/in a cafe or other public setting, or do you need complete silence to concentrate?
If I couldn't, I would never get any writing done. I must say, though, that I write BETTER, and with better focus, when there is less background noise rather than more (I'm not sure I remember what complete silence sounds like LOL)

Computer or longhand? (or typewriter?)
I can do either (LOL not typewriter!)--not sure I really have a preference. Whatever is convenient and available.

Do you know the ending before you type Chapter One? Or do you let the story evolve as you write? Never written anything more than one chapter (other than the Non-fiction I'm working on - and I obviously know how that ended). As far as my fiction, I would say that half the time I know how my short stories will end, and half the time the story will evolve (and occasionally, I'll "know" how my story is going to end, and then have my characters disagree and win the argument).

Does what’s selling in the market influence how and what you write?
Nope. Maybe I should, but I just write whatever I feel called/motivated to write.

Editing/Revision - love it or hate it?
I LOVE editing other people's stuff, and I LOVE a GOOD edit from someone who knows what they're talking about. I do get a bit defensive sometimes, but I can usually get over it. Doing the actual revisions can be tough, though.

I hope you will participate in this meme - if you do, lemme know, eh? Fun, huh?


  1. Oh, this is good stuff! I agree that you are a masterful fiction writer, but I'm tellin you, you're non-fiction stuff is positively anointed. I always get so much out of it. Yes, that's just like the Lord!

    Loved learning this bout you.

  2. I loved learning about your writing style, too, Joanne. Isn't it funny how the Lord can inspire and use us in our own unique ways? Awesome way for Him to spread His word in all directions and in all manners that will appeal to the most people.


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