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Chuggin' along

Well, I am pleased to say that I am MAKING PROGRESS on my August 1 goals! I'm even enjoying doing it (for the most part, anyway).

If you recall, I have three goals to meet. My first one involves the first thing you will see when looking for my book on the shelf (when it gets there - note when and not if)
I will have a working title for my non-fiction book.
I have actually been pondering this some. Nothing definite yet, but I'm playing around with ideas like "everlasting arms" and "under His wings" - something about His ever-present and ever-palpable assistance.

My second goal is the one I was furthest along on when I actually started this project.
The introduction to my non-fiction book will be completed to the third (also known as second-to-last) draft.
I have begun working on the third draft - did some serious editing of one of my paragraphs while my kids were in swimming lessons this morning. The encouraging thing - to me, anyway - is that I had a friend and AMAZING editor look over my second draft and give me suggestions. The paragraph I changed was NOT something she suggested, but was along the same lines. I'm SEEING places it needs improvement "without editor intervention!" (LOL maybe that shouldn't be encouraging to me, but it was!)

Finally, my third goal is the one I had been "plugging away on" for the past several weeks.
The first chapter of my non-fiction book will be completed to the second draft.
I have actually FINISHED writing the first draft, as of yesterday! I am VERY excited about it - that's a MAJOR thing for me. It is VERY rough, and obviously needs some serious polish before I can even call it a second draft, but it is a big step toward meeting my goal.

So, I'm definitely making progress--and having this blog has definitely helped me stay on track. Thanks to all of you who are cheering me on!

I also have something of a prayer request. I have been feeling somewhat down and a bit irritable lately. I'm sure it is at least partially related to rehashing/reliving some of the things Marc and I went through during his health issues, as I write about them. Please pray I can remember the encouragement this book is meant to be - and focus on the blessings and not the stress of that time.

Thanks again, and God bless!


  1. HOORAY!!!
    That's FAbulous, JoDear!!! I'm so proud of you!! (and I'm so glad blogging has HELPED and not hindered!!)
    Keep going!!

  2. Wonderful, Joanne! I'm looking forward to reading your book-I know the Lord will give you amazing insight as you work your way through it. Praying for you as you delve into all those past emotions and events.


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