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I Need My Own Country! - Perfect Picture Book Friday

I'll admit it. The title got me. As I was perusing the picture book shelves at my local library, this book jumped out and grabbed me - and wouldn't let me go. Cuz who hasn't thought this at some point??

The best part? Reading (and looking at) the book kept me in that zone. Absolutely.

And so, I present to you another fabulous book to add to Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Book Friday list.

Title: I Need My Own Country!

Author: Rick Walton

Illustrator: Wes Hargis

Publisher:Bloomsbury USA, 2012, fiction

Age Range: 4-8 years

Theme/Topics:civics, humor, sibling conflict

First Page: There comes a time in all kids' lives when they need to create their own country.

Synopsis: When in the course of childhood events, it becomes necessary for one (small) person to create a separate and equal hiding spot to which the laws of growing up entitle them, the truth will be self-evident: they should declare their very own country!

Full of tongue-in-cheek instructions-
  • Make your own flag.
  • Your own currency.
  • Your own laws.
-this picture book offers a hilarious lesson in junior civics that shows every budding future-president exactly how he or she can create a very special place all their own.

Resources: There are some great ideas for creating a country and other related topis at the International Literacy Association page for this book.

Why I LOVE it: First of all, it is EXACTLY the kind of book I would LOVE to be able to write. The words and the illustrations absolutely, positively depend on one another. It isn't a comprehensible book as only illustrations - or as only text (at least, you wouldn't get the whole message). I am ABSOLUTELY studying this one as a mentor text. Plus, it's quite funny - both the illustrations and the text. And it's super creative. And it is a VERY fun way to introduce young kids to government.

Hope you'll give this book a look - and check out the OTHER perfect picture books for today at Susanna's blog - and Susanna's ever-growing list of wonderful picture books.

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